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About Us

Canadian Whitetail Food Plots (CWFP) is proud to be your supplier of choice specializing in all your deer nutritional needs. 

We are a group of hard-core hunters bringing you premium brands that have proven track records for being the best and most reliable names in the industry. Servicing all of Canada, CWFP supports a large network of dealers and customers alike providing detailed attention to all of their needs. 

As our valued customers, you deserve and demand only the finest products for your hard-earned money, expecting nothing less than the highest quality. 

Our ultimate goal is to better educate today’s deer managers and to help them become more successful in the field rendering the products, tools and information vital for their success.

Strong partnerships have been built over the years with leading manufacturers who are at the pinnacle of their business. We only import premium goods; we won’t carry any product that we don’t take into the field ourselves. The manufacturers that we work with are leaders in their respective categories of products and are as passionate about their goods as we are about what we do.

Our Founder John Cristinziani is a Habitat and Land Design Specialist and Consultant. A Montreal, Quebec native, he is as true a conservationist as they come.

John has been on the Board of Directors for QDMA Canada for years and is a lifetime member of Ducks Unlimited. He continues to write for several Canadian publications and is still very involved in Media work to promote brand recognition for the products we carry.

You’ve heard the phrase before: It’s not just a passion; it’s an obsession… but for us, we truly feel that this describes who we are as we live “deer hunting” with our family and friends 24 - 7.

John has been managing deer and waterfowl habitat on the properties he owns and leases for more than 3 decades and has provided deer management plans for every budget.